It’s been four years now since I created a blog site online.

My primary interest ranges from entertainment to blogging which involves exploring new things and discovering places, latest trends, fashion, ideas behavior, among other things.

Generally, I am outspoken, plain-spoken, curious, straightforward, and expressive, which leads me to write blogs.

Aside from being an extrovert, I regard myself as a trivia buff interested in vast information such as general information, science, history, to name a few.

Having plenty of knowledge about a myriad of information is both entertaining and challenging in the sense that I shall always be impeccable and credible at all times. There should be no room for error once you get into this hobby of writing blogs. Likewise, learn to accept mistakes as nobody in the world is perfect.

Modesty aside, the author is a former National Super Quiz Bee Division Champion. The privilege dramatically motivates me to do better and to explore new ideas, knowledge, and other information available in the world.

The author basks in Caramoan Island in the Camarines Sur

I am looking forward to take up “Law” if I would be given the luxury of time in the future. It has been my dream of becoming among topnotch lawyers in the country. Still, I am wondering why I love discourse, debates, defense, to name a few.

Frequently, I do visit a gym to rejuvenate my mind and regulate my body system, especially the circulatory system, which is the “lifeblood of our body.”

I always bear in mind that our body is the framework of our life. So it is imperative to take care of it at all costs.

My motto in life: “Life is fascinating, only if you live life to the fullest.”

With the creation of, I vow to sustain this interest and impart this as part of my regimen as writing can mitigate mental illness and change one’s outlook in life.

Today, 19 October 2017, is truly a milestone to renew my interest as a responsible, knowledgeable, and active blogger.

God bless all my endeavors!

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