On 28 October 2017, the group left Petron Doña Carmen in Fairview, Quezon City, at about 4:30 am. Our colleague, Mr. Dhan Dharie Dela Cruz, spearheaded the three-car convoy.


We went aboard ferry two hours later at about 7:15 am or 45 minutes after arriving at Batangas port.

Approximately, the Batangas Port is two hours from Commonwealth, Quezon City when you leave at 4 am.


The Super Cat ferry can accommodate 150 people, operated by Minolo shipping lines, which ply and sail around Mindoro province.

After smooth sailing for an hour, we disembarked immediately at a pier in Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera has been very famous among young Manileños. Wayback, I thought it was just a tiny island or a regular resort. But as soon as we arrived at the port in Puerto Galera, I wondered why most beachgoers frequent this famous town. So, I decided to research in-depth the place using the internet and found out that the town was once a settlement and shelter for seafarers entangled in bad weather dated back in the 10th century.

Puerto Galera is situated at mainland Mindoro, derived from the word mina de Oro, which means gold mines. Perhaps, natural minerals like golds and other precious gems were abundant in this coastal town. So, it became a haven for seafarers far back, given its lush vegetation and perfect beach scenery.

White Beach Resort

Politically, Puerto Galera is a first-class Municipality with thirteen barangays in the province of Oriental Mindoro.

Our itinerant group also made a side trip to some interesting coastal barangays there, e.g., Barangay Villaflor, where the visitors can locate the famous “Tamaraw Falls.”


Likewise, we toured the neighboring Barangay Dulangan, which you can find “Virgin Island.”

For the record, Virgin Island is not an island; it is still part of the coastal town of Puerto Galera.

The only justifiable reason they call this place as Virgin Island is through gazing at the Virgin Mary’s statue facing the shore.

Lastly, we explored Ponderosa, a 2000 ft above sea level mountainous and remote location in Puerto Galera.

Ponderosa has so much to offer, aside from its golf course. Ponderosa offers zip line, canopy walk, hanging bridge, to name a few.


Puerto Galera is the place for those explorers who want a mix of land and water sports adventure.

I strongly recommend the coastal town, given my good impression on my first visit. I am looking forward to revisiting this sanctuary.

Tamaraw Beach Resort


Cong Doy C. Leachon
  • Oriental Mindoro First District Congressman Doy C. Leachon
  • Mr. Mikan Leachon
  • Mr. Thoy Caringal
  • Boatmen and fisherfolk

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