My newest JBL and POLK AUDIO bookshelf loudspeakers collection

Unboxing my newly purchased bookshelf loudspeakers

A new pair of JBL Studio 220 front speakers blended with my old but classic JBL Loft 20 center speaker and a new pair of Polk Audio T15 surround speakers have added in my new entertainment system. These precious speakers are complemented by my old European entry-level made product Mordaunt Short Carnival 9 twelve-inch powered sub which is still powerful and kicking up to this time.

I replaced my old Yamaha floorstanding speakers for change with these new sets of crystal-clear sound bookshelf speakers because I want to HEAR THE TRUTH.

Decades ago, I used to assemble speakers and customize “baffles” (speaker housing) not to mention making makeshift amplifier.  I am very particular about high fidelity sound. Being an audiophile has its sentimental and historical origin. My inclination started in early 90s—the time when DJs and other aspirants were given break to showcase their skills through mixing and incorporating beats using turntables.  I lived in that golden era where low frequency and high frequency signal mattered most and formed integral parts in one’s music, production, car and home audio equipment via high-performance equipment.  Thus, I decided to create my own speaker system gradually using my “baon” or food allowance. It was a ridiculous decision then to put all the proceeds into my makeshift sound system as I starved myself.  I also collected LPs because my brother and I purchased a cheap turntable then for our own recreation. Subsequently, I tried to buy and collect preowned LPs esp the Beatles LP which was commonly peddled along Session Road in Baguio City.  For me, hobby is inspiration. Without inspiration, life becomes very difficult. Still, it’s healthy to reintegrate our hobbies in our daily living to promote work-life balance.





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