Callao Caves are Cagayan’s priceless patrimony and premiere tourist spot in Cagayan Province. The tourist attraction is considered one of the first national parks in the Philippines.

The settlers derived its name from “Kalaw” or Philippine Hornbill.

Inside Callao, there are many breathtaking, impressive, unique, never before seen rock formations.

The limestone cave has seven chambers, one of which is considered a divine room, the largest (equivalent to 168 ft or 11-storey) among other sections inside Callao.

Initially, it has nine chambers, but two of them were permanently sealed off after a devastating earthquake.

In 2007, fossils of Callao men, Homo luzonensis, lived between 50,000 and 67,000 years back, were discovered and unearthed by a team of scientists led by UP Scientist Armand Salvador Mijares.

Before reaching the only mouth of the cave, you will first negotiate a 184-step concrete stairs.

Callao is a show cave or public cave and is entirely off the beaten track located in Peñablanca Town in Cagayan Province.

Just for the record, Peñablanca is a Spanish word which means “white rock.” Conspicuously, the environs around Peñablanca Municipality is surrounded limestone formations including Callao caves.

With the Sierra Madre Agta Tribe

The commercial cave is also inhabited by the displaced Sierra Madre Agta Tribe.

Cagayan was derived from the word Catagayan where tagay plants are abundant.

The majestic scenic spot is 504 kilometers North of Manila, located in the smiling land of beauty, the Province of Cagayan.

The National Museum of the Philippines will eventually declare the complex as an “important cultural property” of the Philippines.


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