Aside from being a trivia buff, blogger, part-time host, fitness enthusiast, sportsman and entertainer, I also love doing art by sketching and painting with the use of sundry media like pencil, ballpoint, charcoal, crayons and watercolors.

This hobby or should I say inclination has become my past time since childhood. It is just that I easily get hooked everytime certain images strike my thoughts.


From my personal standpoint, everything in the environment can become art only if someone possesses an innate artistic perspective.

Generally, raw materials in the environment can become an obra maestra or masterpiece if only one can skillfully incorporate raw things from the variety of things in the environment to his work to produce artistic production.

Basically, I started with “preliminary sketching” or doodle that eventually progressed to sketching pictures or images.

During elementary years, I excelled in arts. It was one of my favorite subjects then. I usually drew landscape themes and even had fun of my drawings then by adding characters into it to impress my delighted classmates and make them laugh by mocking other classmates in my drawing. Anyway, it was part of my naughty childhood years.


In college, unexpectedly and surprisingly, our group project which was drawn and created by me was exhibited in a gallery at the lobby of St Louis University in the Diego Silang building. It was one of the memorable events during my almost two-year stay at the university.

As regards my stay at Manila Central University, my Science professor commissioned me and my best friend-classmate to do a mural in her school. Needless to say, we accepted the request pro bono. I was also awarded a trophy for a particular contest in the College of Arts and Sciences in the same university.

I had been in a hiatus for the past several years due to domestic concerns and work-related activity.

But still, I have not put this hobby on hold considering that this past time greatly reminds me of my brilliant and naive past.

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