Dubbed the perfect cone-shaped volcano, Mayon Volcano, or Mt. Mayon, has captivated globetrotters worldwide.

Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines, followed by the smallest active volcano in the world, Taal Volcano.

Mayon Volcano is a stratovolcano with an elevation of 2.46 kms and base diameter of 20 kms. The perfect cone-shaped volcano’s base circumference borders three municipalities in Albay, such as Camalig, Malilipot and Sto. Domingo.

Neither its tip nor its downslopes were obliterated or disfigured in the aftermath of thundering explosions.

No wonder it is still one of the famous volcanoes in the world.

The majestic volcano is about 500 kms from the capital City Manila.

The sacred volcano, with an elevation of 2,463 MASL, makes a skyline in the Bicolandia region.


There are five volcanoes in Region V, but definitely, Mayon astounds tourists the most.

The Cagasawa Ruins National Park is the perfect location to see Mt Mayon up close.

Cagsawa Belfry is one of the most picturesque tourist spots in the province. It’s a remnant of the old Cagsawa church devastated in 1814 after a destructive Mt. Mayon eruption.

Aside from being the home of the most active volcano in the Philippines and Cagsawa Ruins, Albay Province has many things to offer for backpackers and adventurers, like off-road adventure.


Due to the previous explosive and destructive activity of Mt. Mayon, the Philippine government has initially decided to limit the access temporarily of local folks and farmers, including tourists, within the six-km permanent danger zone.

However, on 23 January 2018, Albay’s local government extended yet another precautionary measure by adding another three-km buffer zone in the “no man’s land” around the volcano as the alert level heightened to level 4.

Albay Province has a unique resto on Luis San Los Baños Avenue in Legazpi City where you can experience a spicy halo halo.

The 1st Colonial Grill features and offers a unique and spicy ice cream flavor with three distinct variants or levels, akin to the Philvolcs’ alert warning. The spiciest level three spicy ice cream flavor has the most explosive piquant experience in the mouth.

Tasting Legazpi City’s Sili Ice Cream

Dios Mabalos Albayanos!


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