Best-tasting coffee undergoes painstaking roasting that involves heating to yield the desired results.

Kapeng Barako at Dairy Moor in Tanauan City, Batangas

Roasting is a process which subjects coffee beans to an intense and incomprehensible amount of heat which according to expert has something to do with the harmful byproduct releases in the process.
Experts allege that roasting coffee beans releases carcinogens but it is still highly debatable. Methods and preparations for how coffee is prepared and made really matter according to testimonies.
From washing, cleaning esp of caffeoyl, drying of roasters/coffee makers to roasting and brewing of coffee, these play a crucial role to produce a good “finish.”

Kaffa Ave in Dagupan City

Also, for the best-tasting result, prepare coffee according to your desired serving and the concentration you like for the best cupping experience.

Nowadays, coffee pundits are making waves regarding the ill-effect of roasting and brewing of coffee. Although the allegation of significant health risk is half-baked.
In California, coffee establishments are compulsorily required to post health warnings about 900 known substances and chemicals listed that are carcinogens that need public awareness.

Cafe 66 on Quirino Avenue

Earlier in history, coffee believed to be discovered by goats sometime between 575 and 850 AD after their herdsman found them eating some red berries and started behaving incoherently and extraordinarily like jumping around.
For the record, Arabs are considered to be the pioneer cultivators of coffee.
Coffee has become a popular beverage in Arab countries because they never encourage drinking alcoholic drinks as part of Islamic taboos.
Ever since, coffee cupping has been embraced by Filipino coffeephiles worldwide regardless of its price, health benefits and the controversy.

Abbey and Hannah Starbucks
Meanwhile, Amadeo town in the Province of Cavite wants to reclaim its distinctive stature as the “coffee capital of the Philippines” and top producer of quality coffee through “Pahimis Festival” which was introduced in 2002 with a purpose of promoting Amadeo coffee industry and supporting local tree growers in the municipality.

Choose Philippines
Photo courtesy: Choose Philippines “Pahimis Festival” In Amadeo, Cavite

Because of the unwavering support of the local officials in the local coffee industry, the town has already produced an export-quality coffee product, CAFE AMADEO.
No wonder, my contemporaries chose this kind of entrepreneurship to meet the demands of growing coffeephiles.

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