Over a year ago, I brought my lovely and adventurous kids, Abbey and Hannah, to Dinosaurs Island, located in Clark Land, Pampanga, on 2 January 2016.

Dinosaurs Island has so many life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, which let you experience virtually the prehistoric era and the dinosaurs as they come alive, hearing them roaring at low-frequency sounds.

The theme park has four major attractions: Dino World of Fun, Jurassic Jungle Safari, Unearth Museum and Wonders of the World.

Firstly, we entered Dino World of Fun. For me, it is the most attractive and intriguing attraction at the park. Here, you can meet the life-sized dinosaurs operated using mechatronics, commonly used in the film and entertainment industry. Undoubtedly, kids will get scared a bit once these robots or animatronics roar intermittently.

Secondly, we toured another attraction called Dinosaurs Fossils Museum, now Unearth Museum, to discover dinosaur fossils, including four dinosaur skeletons that let the visitors get curious about the dinosaurs’ age.

Then, some crew headed us towards a live dinosaur show. Here, a humungous dinosaur puppet was conspicuously operated by staff.

Plus, one of the thrilling sites to visit here is the Jurassic Jungle Safari, where the dinosaurs chase you and knock your ride.

After a thrilling adventure at Jurassic Jungle Safari, we decided to watch a 3D cinematic show at 3D Super Screen for ten minutes.

As we were running out of time, we had not toured and explored the remaining two attractions in the park, but wonderfully, my beloved daughters and I had so much fun.

Please do watch this short film.

Dinosaurs Island is highly recommendable. We look forward to visiting the place anew.

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