Bitbit Bridge is among the picturesque bridges in Bulacan. Bikers, adventurers, and picnickers frequent this spot these days because of its breathtaking and enchanting view, lush landscape, and pristine scenery. The site is ideal for fishing, boating and rappelling.

Dubbed the “hidden paradise of Norzagaray,” Bitbit bridge is located on Norzagaray’s outskirts in Bulacan Province. It is probably one of the coveted spots near Luzon’s major water reservoir, the Angat Dam, about 5 kilometers from this bridge.

The strategic bridge and its environs have become alternative getaways for some urbanites.

The serenity of the place is perfect for recreational activities like swimming underneath the Bitbit bridge and nature tripping. It has makeshift huts or cottages at its bank where you can bask and, at the same time, grill newly caught fishes, which you can readily avail or buy from local folks therein.

A massive rock formation is situated along the riverbank. It has served as the diving area for some visitors and water sports adventurers. The depth of the water is approximately ten feet. Untrained individuals are discouraged from diving.

The road leading to the riverbank is still unpaved and its downhill slope is rugged.

To get in this Utopia, although there are many routes to choose from, I suggest the Balagtas Exit/Bypass going to Nueva Ecija near Baliuag, Bulacan (turn right opposite to Baliuag Proper) is the best way for private cars. But, it also depends where you come from. Otherwise, ride a Fairview-bound UV express. From there, you transfer from a Tungko-bound bus or jeepney. From Tungko, find another transport that will lead you to Bigte Market in Norzagaray. From Bigte Market, you can now rent a trike that will lead you to the most talked-about bridge. Anyway, all roads lead to this remotely attractive place.


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