I just purchased these newest Petron mobile phone holders the other day after refueling at Petron.

The Italian Huayra Roadster-inspired miniature sports race seats are stylish and flashy. It weighs about 365 grams or less than a pound.

By the way, Pagani Huayra is a famous million-dollar supercar made and designed by Horacio Pagani who is an equivalent of Ferrari founder, Enzo “il Commendatore” Ferrari, a car designer and motor racing driver himself.

The newest Petron weighty hypercar desk collectible has a magnetic steel cover and press-button adjustable sides to fit the width of your mobile phone.

The car seat is so slick. You can charge your phone while laying your phone on it.

Aside from the car seat mobile phone holder, Petron also offers other miniature products like the “Engine Organizer” and the “Brake Disc alarm clock.”

You can avail of any of this product when you tank up at least P250 worth of petrol in the nearest Petron gas station in your area.

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