The Philippine Navy Standard Insurance Team led by the 34-year-old and former LBC Ronda Pilipinas back-to-back champion (2016-2017) Jan Paul Morales once again performed another electrifying and overpowering victory by dominating the predominantly flat route, 112-km stage 6, Tarlac To Tarlac path, of LBC Ronda Pilipinas anniversary race in Tarlac Province.

The PNSI has three successive and unprecedented conquest of the competition since stage 4 of LBC Ronda Pilipinas 2020.

According to Morales, the Navy’s overall team classification lead would never be altered, although four remaining stages come up.

When quizzed about the individual general classification, Morales responded that they would defend the general classification.

Since stage 5, the Philippine Navy dominated the overall general classification, held by George Luis Oconer and the overall Team Classification.

From Tarlac Provincial Capitol, the race entourage transited the Municipalities of Victoria, La Paz, Pura, Anao, Moncada, Mayantoc, and San Jose in Tarlac Province.

Hundreds of cycling fans trooped the start line at the Tarlac Provincial Capitol at 9 am.

Shortly after the 75 surviving racers were flagged off by Commissaire 2, Mickey Robb, Bicycology Shop Army rider Jester Neli Mendoza provoked the first move to control the competition, but it was only short-lived.

At about 9:20 am, Team Nueva Ecija Orly Villanueva also attempted to break apart in the peloton.

At this juncture, 7-Eleven Mervin Corpuz, PNSI riders Ronald Lomotos, Junrey Navara, and Lance Allen Benito, BSA Chris Joven, G4G riders Marc Ryan Lago and Jerry Aquino Jr., TCL Reynaldo Navaro, and Bikextreme Michael Angelo Ochoa comprised the peloton tracking down Villanueva at approximately 60 kph.

Moments later, the formation in the main bunch had changed. Top guns of the Navy like Ronald Lomotos, El Joshua Cariño and Red Jersey wearer George Oconer were sighted lagging behind the breakaway. Also in the main pack were Scratch It Santy Barnachea, G4G Jonel Carcueva, and TIS Jhun Bray Calivo.

In Pura, Tarlac, about 35 kilometers from the zero mark, PNSI John Mark Camingao, G4G Jericho Jay Lucero, and 711 Mark Galedo had a short-lived breakaway. The peloton was chasing them at 46 kph.

Meanwhile, in Sitio Mapalad, Lomboy, La Paz Tarlac, the GC ruler George Oconer was keenly watched over by the peloton.

Shortly after that, fourteen breakaway riders were spotted somewhere in Anao like CCT Alvin Benosa, TCL Reynaldo Navaro, PNSI Junrey Navara, and Jan Paul Morales, G4G Ismael Grospe and Daniel Ven Cariño, BSA Dennis Gabaldon, Cris Joven, Marvin Tapic, TNE Orly Villanueva and Gilbert Valdez, TIS Arth Lorence Garlejo, 711 Johnrey Buccat and BXP Bonijoe Martin. Meanwhile, TIS Jingo Tabayon and SLB Christopher Garado were lingering behind the race column.

At the sprint zone, 69 kilometers from the zero mark, G4G Ronnel Hualda earned five points for an excellent sprint as he sped through the imaginary line followed by BSA Marvin Tapic and BXP Warren Bordeos.

As of stage 5, Jan Paul Morales has earned 14 points, Arjay Peralta 11 pts and Ronald Oranza 6 pts in Sprint.

At 74-km mark, somewhere in Barangay Bigbiga in the Municipality of Mayantoc, Tarlac’s summer capital, the new breakaway formation of Hualda, Tapic and Bordeos sprang, which only lasted before 25 kms to the finish.

This time, the PNSI Ronald Oranza was towing Benito and the rest in the peloton at 35 kph.

In the Municipality of San Jose, at 98.5 km-mark, where KOM point was situated, a newly reshuffled breakaway was distinguished.

PNSI El Joshua Cariño dashed to the KOM first and defended his leadership as Junrey Navara, Ronald Lomotos, John Mark Camingao and Ronald Oranza of the PNSI followed suit.

However, G4G Ronnel Hualda, BXP Warren Bordeos and BSA Marvin Tapic were left behind.

PNSI Skipper Jan Paul Morales was totally in the zone and had built tremendous momentum in the last 10 meters and arrived first at the Tarlac Recreational Park in a nail-biting finish. The PNSI Headman finished the 112-km Stage 6, Tarlac to Tarlac route at 2 hours, 34 minutes and 58 seconds. BSA Dominic Perez, with the same clocking as Morales, had seriously hunted the PNSI Team Captain.

Notwithstanding their recent wins, Morales and Perez still failed to secure a berth at the top 10 general individual classifications.

Moreover, Oconer, Morales, Cariño and Grospe retained their leadership title.



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