DWAENTERTAINMENT is a travel, sports and entertainment YouTube channel officially created on 12 December 2018.

The creation of DWAENTERTAINMENT YouTube Channel is the initiative and sole idea of the persistent, enterprising, entertaining, outgoing content creator, Dwain Badua, who likewise authored the web page http://www.dwainformation.com.

The idea of formulating a competitive and entertaining YouTube channel came up when the content creator had realized the primacy of compiling and editing his old phone camera videos and raw vlogs uploaded on Facebook into narrative travelogues.

Way back, as Facebook upgraded features and settings, which hence allowed and spurred users to upload videos arbitrarily, the content creator then took the opportunity to be unique, informatively entertaining and engaging on Facebook. At that time, netizens mostly uploaded photos and hesitant, if not reluctant, uploading videos of their own.

Further, his propensity to generate informative and amusing videos expanded as he hosted a segmented travelogue feature of LBC Ronda Pilipinas cycling race in 2018, which cycling fans admired and complimented. From there, the creator mulled establishing his branding. Then, months later, DWAENTERTAINMENT was born and became part of the YouTube community.

From a handful of DWAENTERTAINMENT subscribers in 2018, the said YouTube Channel has currently garnered about 1,000 subscribers and still counting.

Please subscribe to the fast-growing DWAENTERTAINMENT YouTube Channel and likewise hit the notification bell for new videos.

Moreover, DWAENTERTAINMENT is available on Facebook Page. Please do follow and like the said social media platform.

Thank you.

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