After ten months of diligently and consistently putting entertaining and thrilling videos on my DWAENTERTAINMENT YouTube channel, I ultimately got the nod of YouTube.

I have been a consistent video vlogger since 2015. I went through a different heart-rending situation in life. Since then, vlogging has become my pastime and constant companion to reinvigorate myself.

Before I endeavored in video vlogging, I first joined blogging through Because for no reason, I love to express my thoughts in writing.

In 2017, my former schoolmate influenced me to join, and the rest is history. A year later, I made another Gmail account to shorten my e-mail and formally introduce my nickname, Dwain Badua, on Facebook and YouTube Channel. Though, I had an existing YouTube channel then. Thus, I conceptualized a captivating branding for my newest YouTube Channel, and DWAENTERTAINMENT was born.

My propensity and earnestness to vlog and upload videos on YouTube started during our 30th Southeast Asian games cycling events coverage in Tagaytay City. There, I met several friends who also enter on a side hustle on YouTube, endeavoring to produce exciting videos. At this time, the DWAENTERTAINMENT YouTube channel had only five subscribers or so.

As time went by, it ballooned to about 100, eclipsing my self-titled YouTube channel, Dwain Badua. From that time, my motivation has significantly increased, and my passion has remained.

Within nine months since I started uploading engaging videos at DWAENTERTAINMENT, I already garnered about 1000 subscribers. Perhaps, at that time, I had obtained 4000 hours of watch time, which could qualify me for monetization. But I did not bother to confirm it at YouTube Studio, thinking that I have not yet reached the threshold. Weeks later, I discovered that my total watch time had exceeded approximately 300 percent from the required starting point.

I formally applied for monetization on 25 October 2020, coinciding with the United Nations founding anniversary. The applicant should pass three grueling steps and verifications before YouTube accepts the applicant to its YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Sometimes it takes about two months after YouTube thoroughly and completely verifies one’s contents. Yet, other people claim that they waited for about five months.

Fortunately, it took me about two days after YouTube completed the application process of my monetization, ad sense, YouTube Partner Program, etc.

Now, as part of the YouTube creators pool, I am privileged to work with the prestigious and popular American video-sharing platform, YouTube.


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