PNSI Ronald Lomotos answers the call, dislodges Oranza

PNSI Ronald Lomotos answers the call, steals overall leadership from teammate Ronald Oranza.

The Ilocano-speaking rider and Queen stage winner has answered the call. The San Felipe pride arrived in the nick of time at Lake Drive in Burnham Park, bursting at the seams.

Lomotos clocked 6 hours, 05 minutes and 04 seconds, making a wide margin lead of 8 minutes and 27 seconds over Excellent Noodles riders Joshua Bonifacio and Joshua Pascual, while his teammate Oranza fell behind by 8 minutes and 18 seconds. Lomotos has an average stage speed of 30.83 Kph in the most arduous stage.

The 27-year-old PNSI climber is about to set a record in Philippine cycling history as the first Zambaleno rider to win a national cycling tour.

After stage nine, the general classification was reshuffled. PNSI once again set another record of one-to-four in the GC.

Visual representation of DWAENTERTAINMENT Infographics creator Raymond Lopez

In the tenth edition of LBC Ronda Pilipinas, PNSI recorded an impressive one-to-three finish during stage four but superseded the record following the next stage with its unparalleled one-to-six finish.

OneEXN Jan Paul Morales
TwoTeam Excellent Noodles
ThreeG4G Aidan James Mendza
FourPNSI George Oconer
FiveEXN Joshua Bonifacio
SixPNSI Ronald Oranza
SevenEXN Ryan Tugawin
EightEXN Jan Paul Morlaes
NinePNSI Ronald Lomotos
StageRed Jersey wearer
OneEXN Jan Paul Morales
TwoEXN Jan Paul Morales
ThreeEXN Jan Paul Morales
FourEXN Jan Paul Morales
FiveG4G Jonel Carcueva
SixP:NSI Ronald Oranza
SevenP:NSI Ronald Oranza
EightP:NSI Ronald Oranza
NinePNSI Ronal Lomotos

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