Ultimately, I registered and recorded the longest ride so far in my entire life, covering exactly 129.48 kilometers in Nueva Ecija.

It’s truly a milestone and accomplishment, having completed a metric century ride (100 km or so). It materialized when I randomly planned the night ride all by myself on the same day.

I departed at 4 pm on 10 June 2022, after a sudden 45-minute downpour. At first, I was hesitant and undecided to go beyond my low-impact exercise and regimen because I knew I would be arriving there late at night, given the twisting and steepness of the final 18 kilometers. Likewise, I was worried about my safety because I was traveling alone in the far-flung expanses of Nueva Ecija.

The long evening ride started from Quezon, Nueva Ecija then to Pinagpanaan, Llanera and Rizal and culminated in Pantabangan. It has a length of about 64 kilometers (one-way).

The towns of Llanera and Rizal have a 12-kilometer difference, and I could hardly speed up there because of headwinds.

After 46.81 kilometers into the exacting journey, averaging 26.3 kph, I stopped at Dunkin’ to refuel myself with carbohydrates and sugary beverages to top up blood glucose in preparation for the evening and enervating uphill climb.

Yes, the final 18 kilometers are taxing yet fulfilling. There was an instance when I wanted to retreat or back away because I anticipated culprits might cross my way, especially in the savanna, on the outskirts of Pantabangan. Still, my guts prevailed.

Finally, after 64.27 kilometers with an average speed of 24.1 kph, I reached the historic Pantabangan town and headed towards Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa, on my own, after negotiating and completing the final winding 18 km-ascent and hurdling a total of 359 ascents. I clocked 2 hours and 39 minutes (moving time).

After taking refreshments at my destination, Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa, I quickly descended to Rizal town, where I purchased another bottled water.

Meanwhile, in Llanera, a man wielding a steel bar emerged at the side of the road and tried to whip me but I shouted at him and veered away from him at once. Needless to say, stray dogs are common elements everywhere; some came after me.

I arrived at the house at 12:30 am after finishing the 129.48 km-metric century ride. I averaged 25.3 kph with a maximum speed of 50 kph. My best pace is 1:12 /km with a total ascent of 528. The figures are certified by Garmin.

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