The First United Architects of the Philippines’ Cycling Tournament

Seven categories competed in the inaugural race of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) through the backing of several entities like Boysen, Mother’s Best, Eagle Cement Corp., to name a few.

Partly, the race was covered by DWAENTERTAINMENT, fueled by Fitpad Fitness, NYK Cycling, Fitbar and Jazysports, which is always on the ball in pro-cycling events in Luzon.

Moreover, the highly anticipated event in Quezon Memorial Circle, a popular landmark located at the hub of the National Capital Region’s biggest city and the busiest city in the Philippines, was organized by none other than the former two-time Olympian, national athlete, and Marlboro Tour veteran, Norberto Oconer.

Mr. Norberto Oconer is incidentally the father of the first United Architects of the Philippines open-elite category champion, George Luis Oconer, a seasoned pro-cyclist and LBC Ronda Pilipinas veteran and champion of its 10th anniversary race and the penultimate edition.

The 1st UAP Cycling Tournament was attended by some pro-cycling teams, to wit: Philippine Navy Standard Insurance, Excellent Noodles, 7-Eleven, Go For Gold, among others.

Coincidentally, at the same event, Jan Paul Morales made a surprise and cameo appearance and granted DWAENTERTAINMENT an interview. The interview turned out to be a trending one as DWAENTERTAINMENT posed several off-the-cuff questions which made Morales, at one point, became emotional. Incidentally, his appearance on the said race was a non-competitive one and merely intended for his rehabilitation.

In the same way, there were instances also that the only LBC back-to-back champion was also seen riding with the former Ronda champions like Santy Barnachea, Ronald Lomotos and the Le Tour de Filipinas 2018 titlist El Joshua Carino at the third group of the open-elite category.

Ultimately, the vulnerable Navy pacemaker George Oconer managed to force the pace and defended his leadership unscathed while his teammate, PNSI youngster Jeremy Lizardo, cracked and was dropped as the second group began to launch a ruthless attack 300 meters to the finish. Trailing Oconer was his teammate Archie Cardana who took up the slack for Lizardo, threatened likewise by the two riders just behind Cardana.

Meanwhile, an unheralded rider, Rem Carino, completed the podium.

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