I have been a patron of this fast-food restaurant since 2011. It was referred to me by a colleague. Before, this restaurant was just a makeshift eatery that specifically sells shawarma. Now, Tri-Mo Shawarma has diversified and metamorphosed into a restaurant. Its store was relocated adjacent to its former location—which is now a car garage... Continue Reading →


Because of Filipino ingenuity, often neglected chicken and pig organs and appendages have been given twists, since time immemorial, to filipinize them and distinctively made them available for local consumption—the Filipino way. However, other people still perceived those animal organs filthy, unhealthy, useless and unfit for human consumption. To some ardent patrons, however, "barbeque" or... Continue Reading →


Tamilok, commonly known as "woodworm," is a cold, slimy, squirmy, gray-like creature that has become an emerging famous exotic delicacy in some regions in the Philippines. On the contrary, "Tamilok" is technically not a worm but it's a mollusk common to areas surrounded by mangroves or "bakawan." Freshly served TAMILOK in Palawan Some people even... Continue Reading →


The prominent district in Manila, Binondo, was founded by Spanish Governor Luis Perez Dasmariñas to serve as a permanent settlement for Sangleys or persons of pure Chinese descent during Spanish colonization. Sangleys were also referred to as mestizo de Sangley.Long ago, the Chinese settlement was concentrated in enclaves called Parian—the silk and mercantile district operated... Continue Reading →


For me, traveling is another form of rest and recreation. Most of the time, I travel northbound because southbound is very notorious when we speak of traffic inconveniences. About stopovers, I prefer native restaurants compared with the usual fastfood restaurants to complete the experience when traveling. In Cabatuan, Isabela, you can find Kuya Raymond's Kambingan... Continue Reading →


Best-tasting coffee undergoes painstaking roasting that involves heating to yield the desired results. Roasting is a process which subjects coffee beans to an intense and incomprehensible amount of heat which according to expert has something to do with the harmful byproduct releases in the process. Experts allege that roasting coffee beans releases carcinogens but it... Continue Reading →

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